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Vivian Byerly, fourth grade, Greensboro

Vivian Byerly, fourth grade, Greensboro

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“Wait a second ...” Alyssa said. “Have you guys ever played Sims 4?”

“Oh yeah, that game where you control human-like beings, right?“ Josh asked. ”Yeah yeah, well in Sims 4 if you fish in certain areas in the world you can get a cowplant seed, and it sort of looked like the mystery seed we planted.” Josh had an expression on his face like he now believed in unicorns, vampires, mermaids, etcetera. Their mom on the other hand thought her kids were somehow pranking her. But the closer she looked the more she thought they actually knew what they were talking about.

The next day they went to their backyard to check on the so-called cowplant and sure enough it looked like a baby cowplant, “Woah!

“Alyssa exclaimed. “Alyssa? Don’t Cowplants need to eat something in particular? “Josh asked. “Yeah we need to feed it meat.” Alyssa told him. “Why don’t we feed it beef?” Josh asked joking around “Josh!!!!”

Their mother said, a little bit of anger came off in her voice.

Another 2 weeks went by pretty quickly and they forgot to feed the plant. It had grown to its maximum size. That day Josh went to

check on it and he saw it had cake on a stick-like thing connecting to its mouth. Josh sniffed the air and the cake smelled heavenly so he went up to the cake. Alyssa started walking into the garden and saw Josh pulling the cake.

“NO JOSH!” Alyssa cried, but it was too late.

The cowplant had tugged on the cake as soon as Josh did and it yanked him into its mouth and gobbled him up.

And they didn’t live happily ever after.

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