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In wake of the murder of George Floyd, racial tension, social unrest, and the prevalence of racism in our country; our football program has taken a stance to create change. This week we announced our PACE initiative. Pace stands for Progress – Advocate – Cooperate - Educate. The mission of our team is to bring light to systemic issues, education, unity, and action. No longer will we, as a campus, sit silent as injustices plague our nation. We will fight to dismantle the systemic racism present in our everyday life. We will be a voice and We will create change!

Our efforts will be done in a manner that promotes unity and solidarity of all people. We will do this in three steps: Awareness, Education, and Activism

We as a football program, aim to bring awareness to systemic issues that oppress marginalized groups. We will stand up, speak out, and create opportunity for those neglected and do not share the same experiences as us. It is time that we step out of our comfort zone and care about those who differ from us. We will echo the calls for unity, equality, and opportunity for all individuals while taking a stand against racism.

The second thing is Education - through events put together by our football program and our PACE initiative, we will aim to educate the masses about inequality, structural racism, and history from a different perspective.

And lastly, Activism- We must turn this passion, anger, sadness, and energy into positive outcomes. We as a team are here to make real change! No more standing around, we will go out into the real world and help those that are oppressed. We ask that each of you stand proudly with us as we move to a more just and unified world.

We must look beyond skin color and see each other as individuals. We are not all the same, but we are United.

“Set The PACE”

Contact Joe Sirera at 336-373-7034, and follow @JoeSireraNR on Twitter.

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