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TV best bets: Oct. 11-17

TV best bets: Oct. 11-17

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This week's best bets on TV include:


“Y: The Last Man” 12:01 a.m. ET Hulu on FX — Kimberly uncovers a secret. 355 and Allison reach an understanding. Yorick stumbles on a mysterious town where things are not what they seem.

“The Baby-Sitters Club” 3:01 a.m. Netflix (second season debut) — The club is back for a new season with new friendships, new challenges and, of course, new business.

“9-1-1″ 8 p.m. Fox — The members of the 118 arrive on the scene after a truck crashes into a high school homecoming parade.

“Dancing With the Stars” 8 p.m. ABC — It’s Disney week.

“The Voice” 8 p.m. NBC — The battles round starts.

“The Neighborhood” 8 p.m. CBS — Who is stealing packages off porches?

“The Big Leap” 9:01 p.m. Fox — Wayne has a run-in with someone from his past who wants to use him to gain access to the show, and Nick is distracted by his visiting daughter.

“NCIS” 9 p.m. CBS — Gibbs and McGee head to Alaska while the team works at home to uncover the conspiracy behind the serial killer

“NCIS: Hawaii” 10 p.m. CBS — When a beloved Hawaiian cowboy is shot while out riding his horse, Jane and her team must gain the trust of the Paniolo community to help find the culprits and protect the cowboy’s life; Kai tries to convince his stubborn father to see a doctor.

“Ordinary Joe” 10 p.m. NBC — Each Joe must come to terms with an unfamiliar and challenging feeling. Music Joe enlists help to look for his son. Cop Joe navigates the aftermath of a shooting. Nurse Joe and Jenny discuss a big career opportunity.

“The Good Doctor″ 10:01 p.m. ABC — Shaun confronts Salen about the many changes she has implemented since coming on at St. Bonaventure.


“Only Murders in the Building” 12:01 a.m. Hulu — As the residents grow upset at the building’s negative publicity, the trio faces a revolt; Charles’ old colleague visits and sheds light on their past.

“The Movies That Made Us” 3:01 a.m. Netflix (third season debut) — Films featured include “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” “Coming to America,” “Friday the 13th” and “Halloween.”

“Convergence: Courage in a Crisis” 3:01 a.m. Netflix — Activists and volunteers work through the darkest days of 2020, galvanizing social change amidst chaos as governments start to fail local communities. This globally spanning and deeply passionate documentary serves as a clarion call that great change can be born of crisis.

“Dancing With the Stars” 8 p.m. ABC (special night) — Disney week part two with a focus on villains.

“FBI” 8 p.m. CBS — The team hunts for a serial killer who is targeting young, homeless men.

“The Resident” 8 p.m. Fox — In trying to find a way to channel his emotions, Conrad puts all his effort in looking for answers.

“Queen Sugar” 8 p.m. OWN — Charley is caught between love and ambition, the police take their intimidation of Nova to an unexpected level.

“FBI: International” 9 p.m. CBS — The team investigates an American citizen who is proclaiming his innocence after seeking sanctuary at Madrid’s U.S. embassy while still covered in the blood of his murdered Spanish boyfriend.

“The Oval” 9 p.m. BET (third season debut) — The president and first lady barely dodge death but continue in their ways.

“La Brea” 9 p.m. NBC — With the survivors’ food supply dwindling, Eve and Ty venture into the forest on a risky hunting expedition only to face unexpected dangers that threaten their survival.

“Chucky” 10 p.m. Syfy, USA (new series) — When teen Jake Wheeler buys a vintage doll at a yard sale, his young life will change forever.

“Impeachment: American Crime Story” 10 p.m. FX — The Office of the Independent Counsel ensnares Monica Lewinsky, holding her for 12 traumatizing hours in a hotel room.

“New Amsterdam” 10 p.m. NBC — Max struggles with a new fiscal reality at the hospital.

“A Night in the Academy Museum” 10:01 a.m. ABC — Tom Hanks and Laura Dern hosts a special about the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.


“Dopesick” 12:01 a.m. Hulu — How Purdue Pharma triggered one of the worst drug epidemics in American history. Michael Keaton stars.

“Just Beyond” 3:01 a.m. Disney+ (new series) — An eight-episode anthology series that tells astonishing and thought-provoking stories of a reality just beyond the one we know.

“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” 8 p.m. the CW (seventh season debut) — After defeating the aliens and saving Earth, the Legends find themselves stranded in 1925 Odessa, Texas, with a destroyed Waverider.

“The Goldbergs” 8 p.m. ABC — Never a sports enthusiast, Adam finds himself in a pickle with his peers when he’s recruited to film his high school’s highly awaited last football game of the year.

“Survivor” 8 p.m. CBS — Two castaways strategize a risky move during the immunity challenge, and another castaway does what it takes to earn a tribemate’s trust.

“Chicago Med” 8 p.m. NBC — Charles helps Dylan with a longtime patient who was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia.

“The Wonder Years” 8:30 p.m. ABC — It’s “Take Your Son to Work Day” and Dean heads to band practice with Bill.

“The Conners” 9 p.m. ABC — It’s Dan and Louise’s wedding day, but it’s a far-from-perfect walk down the aisle, especially when a weather report forecasts that a tornado is headed for Lanford.

“Batwoman” 9 p.m. the CW (third season debut) — As Batwoman continues to keep the streets of Gotham safe, Batwing joins in on the action.

“Chicago Fire” 9 p.m. NBC — Kidd spreads her wings as a lieutenant.

“Clash of the Cover Bands!” 9:30 p.m. E! (new series) — Each episode features two tribute bands. Winner gets $10,000. First episode focuses on cover bands for U2 and Coldplay.

“American Horror Story” 10 p.m. FX — An unexpected visitor arrives at the White House and reveals the details of the horrific plan.

“CSI: Vegas” 10 p.m. CBS — Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle come to the aid of a former colleague who is implicated in tampering with evidence.

“The Sinner” 10 p.m. USA (fourth season debut) — Ambrose visits the town of Clark Harbor for a getaway and finds himself at the center of a tragedy.

“Twenties” 10 p.m. BET (second season debut) — Hattie juggles working on her script, settling into a new place and trying to make it with Ida B.

“A Million Little Things” 10 p.m. ABC — Gary’s past starts to affect his future with Darcy, while Eddie uncovers more from the night of his accident.


“Another Life” 3:01 a.m. Netflix (second season debut) — After discovering that the Achaia are hostile and hell-bent on either destroying or enslaving the human race, only the crew of the Salvare know of the alien race’s intentions.

“Aquaman: King of Atlantis” 3:01 a.m. HBO Max (new animated series) — A playful reimagining of the iconic DC superhero tells an original tale about Aquaman’s first adventures as King of Atlantis.

“Covenant” 3:01 a.m. Allblk (new series) — Stories of the Bible are thrust into a vicious dystopia of present-day, real-life situations.

“What Happened, Brittany Murphy?” 3:01 a.m. HBO Max — An intimate, in-depth character portrait of actress Brittany Murphy, going beyond the headlines to explore the mysterious circumstances surrounding her tragic death at 32 years old.

“Guilty Party” 3:01 a.m. Paramount+ (new series) — Beth Burgess (Kate Beckinsale), a discredited journalist desperate to salvage her career by latching on to the story of a young mother who has been sentenced to life in prison for maiming and murdering her husband — crimes she claims she didn’t commit.

“Station 19″ 8 p.m. ABC — When a heat wave hits Seattle, Station 19 becomes a cooling center and chaos ensues with locals who aren’t used to the extreme temperatures.

“Young Sheldon” 8 p.m. CBS — Sheldon encourages Missy to question the Bible.

“Grey’s Anatomy” 9 p.m. ABC — Seattle’s favorite redhead returns and graces the Grey Sloan halls with her experience and expertise as she attempts to help Richard teach the newest crop of residents.

“Law & Order: SVU” 9 p.m. NBC — The SVU faces the fury of social media fans when they arrest two popular influencer brothers.

“Legacies” 9 p.m. the CW (fourth season debut) — After learning that Malivore has taken over Landon’s body, Hope and the Super Squad come up with a risky plan to rescue Landon.

“Ghosts” 9:01 p.m. CBS — When Thorfinn’s bones are discovered on the Woodstone property, he asks Sam to conduct the traditional Viking funeral he’s always wanted.

“Project Runway” 9 p.m. Bravo (19th season debut) — Beginning at the iconic Lincoln Center where Christian Siriano, Nina Garcia, Elaine Welteroth and Brandon Maxwell welcome a talented group of new designers.

“B Positive” 9:30 p.m. CBS (second season debut) — As Gina and Drew adjust to life after surgery, Drew develops romantic feelings for someone new.

“What We Do in the Shadows” 10 p.m. Syfy — Nandor is persuaded to reject vampirism and pursue a healthier lifestyle.

“Bull” 10 a.m. CBS — TAC’s defense strategy for a client on trial for going public with classified governments under the Espionage Act is compromised when Bull experiences emotional turmoil following his daughter’s kidnapping.


“The Velvet Underground” 12:01 a.m. Apple TV+ (new series) — The Velvet Underground creates a new sound that changes the world of music, cementing its place as one of rock ‘n’ roll’s most revered bands.

“The Morning Show” 12:01 a.m. Apple TV+ — The UBA team head to Vegas, where past misdeeds continue to haunt them.

“I Know What You Did Last Summer” 12:01 a.m. Amazon (new series) — One year after the fatal car accident that haunted their graduation night, a group of teenagers find themselves bound together by a dark secret and stalked by a brutal killer.

“Karma’s World” 3:01 a.m. Netflix (new series) — Lyrically gifted middle schooler Karma juggles rap dreams and rhyme schemes while using her talent, ambition and heart to solve any problem.

“You” 3:01 a.m. Netflix (third season debut) — The continuation of Joe Goldberg’s fraught relationship with Love, who is pregnant with his child in a new suburban home.

“Home Sweet Home” 8 p.m. NBC (new series) — Each episode will follow two families from completely different walks of life as they accept the challenge to explore a world unlike their own.

“S.W.A.T.” 8 p.m. CBS — When a robbery crew holds up the iconic downtown Los Angeles library, the team discovers that stolen architectural drawings could lead to a major threat against the city.

“Shark Tank” 8 p.m. ABC — Peter Jones, global business tycoon and original Dragon from BBC’s “Dragon’s Den,” brings his expertise from across the pond into the Tank in an all-new episode.

“Magnum P.I.” 9 p.m. CBS — Magnum, Higgins and Rick go undercover at a ritzy country club when a young caddie is fired after being accused of stealing a member’s golf clubs.

“Blue Bloods” 10 p.m. CBS — Frank must decide between remaining police commissioner and pursuing a new professional chapter when his old friend Lenny Ross presents him with an exciting job offer.


“Saturday Night Live” 11:29 p.m. Saturday NBC — Rami Malek hosts.

“Call the Midwife” 8 p.m. Sunday GPB — Sister Hilda and Dr. Turner are involved with a young woman whose health presents a series of challenges.

“Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” 8 p.m. Sunday ABC — Melissa Joan Hart, Tituss Burgess and Lacey Chabert appear.

“Chesapeake Shores” 8 p.m. Sunday Hallmark (fifth season finale) — Connor comes to Luke’s defense despite personal risks; Abby faces a romantic dilemma; Jay wants more than friendship.

“BMF” 8 p.m. Sunday Starz — Lamar’s reign of terror continues, as he works overtime to shut down The 50 Boyz for good.

“The Equalizer” 8:30 p.m. Sunday CBS — McCall finds herself in the crosshairs of a foreign government’s intelligence agency when her friend Mira, a diplomat’s daughter, seeks McCall’s help to find her missing brother.

“Fear the Walking Dead” 9 p.m. Sunday AMC (seventh season debut) — While most of the landscape is destroyed by nuclear warheads, Strand thrives in one of the few inhabitable places left; Strand’s search for survivors uncovers a stranger with an unexpected connection to his past.

“NCIS: Los Angeles” 9:30 p.m. Sunday CBS — NCIS takes the case personally when an LAPD officer’s father, a beloved elderly Japanese American veteran, is the victim of a vicious hate crime.

“Succession” 9 p.m. Sunday HBO (third season debut) — Following his bombshell presser, a righteous Kendall scrambles to find a base of operations.

“The Rookie” 10 p.m. Sunday ABC — Officer Nolan and Officer Chen search for a missing person who may have international ties that puts everyone’s lives in danger.

“Seal Team” 10:30 p.m. Sunday CBS — When Bravo’s operation is compromised, they must figure out how to escape undetected from one of the most dangerous countries in the world.


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