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WASHINGTON (AP) - Former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger says the United States will have to support reunification of the two Germanys, despite hopes to the contrary on the part of Soviet leaders.

``The secret dream of the Soviet Union is that we will prevent the unification of Germany,' Kissinger said in a interview taped for airing Sunday on NBC television's ``John McLaughlin's One on One.'The German-born Kissinger said he personally would have been satisfied if the reunification issue ``had not come up in my lifetime.'

``But it has come up, and it has come up in a way that makes it unavoidable, and it makes it important for the United States to get behind it, or else German nationalism is going to turn against the United States,' he said.

Kissinger said visible major steps will be taken within two years toward German unification.

After upcoming elections, East Germany is likely to follow Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland in requesting withdrawal of Soviet forces from its territory, Kissinger said.

He urged demilitarizing East Germany and creating a nonaligned military status like that of Austria for former satellite states.

He said East Germany will come under intense pressure to raise its economic level to that of West Germany or lose much of its population through the open border. This will mean forming a common economic unit with West Germany, Kissinger said.

Kissinger predicted that a unified Germany ``economically ... will tilt West,' while militarily the new situation will require complex arms talks.

``I do not agree that you can demilitarize a whole country of the size and economic potential of the Federal Republic - of all of Germany, of some 80 million people,' he said.

He said the most dangerous situation for both East and West would be to have a neutral Germany unattached to anybody, because that would restore European politics to what it was before the two World Wars of a Germany looking for its own security entirely to itself.

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