Cason Pierce

Cason Pierce

What I'll remember most about my senior year: Winning the 2020 HAECO men’s basketball tournament. The relationships I've built with some of my best friends. My morning advising and BC Calculus classes with Mrs. Morris.

What I'll miss most about high school: The friends and teachers who have pushed me to grow and made for an amazing four years.

What’s next: I will be attending Duke University as a preferred walk-on to the basketball team and plan to major in math or physics.

What the teachers say: "Having Cason Pierce in my classroom is like having another teacher available to work with students. I have waited three years to teach this young man. His intellectual capacity as well as his ability to work with other students and explain his thought process has far exceeded my expectations for our time together. I've rarely encountered a person who could relate so well to people from all ages and all walks of life. Cason is able to quickly gain people's trust and confidence in him which enables him to be a natural leader in nearly all aspects of his life. I truly believe that I will be reading about Cason Pierce's accomplishments and successes in the years to come." — Trish Morris, Upper School math teacher

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