What I'll remember most about my senior year: While cut short, my senior year has definitely been one to remember. Senior year is a huge milestone. The class of 2020 had to give up so many things we waited our whole lives to experience. There was no senior prom, graduation or final goodbyes. When I left school for spring break, I never could have guessed it would be my last day of high school. Senior year was not what I expected. However, I am grateful for the extra time to be with my family before leaving for college. I will remember this time of my life forever; we all will. I’ve learned so much senior year, more than I ever could have imagined. Although I am leaving New Garden Friends School and will no longer be a high school student, I will always remember the relationships created. We have each other's backs through thick and thin and I will miss the support from the people I can proudly call my second family.

What I'll miss most about high school: High school has been a wild ride. I will miss basketball games and being on the prom committee, “girl talk” in the bathroom and field trips, my art class and sitting on bean bag chairs while in advisory and so much more. The best thing about New Garden Friends School is the strength of our community. All four years of high school, I have had a whole team rooting for me. I loved walking into class and being greeted with warm welcomes from both my classmates and teachers. The head of school kept candy in her office and would always remember how much I loved Kit-Kats. My English teacher constantly reminded me I can do whatever I put my mind to. My history teacher taught me how to be brave and trust myself. He challenged me every class until I was finally able to challenge myself. My school allowed me to do a one-on-one calculus class and I was able to excel and go at a much faster pace. Overall, my teachers have allowed me to feel safe and loved and I couldn’t have asked for better people to look up to for those four years. I was presented with so many opportunities because there was a team of people who always believed in me and I will miss them dearly.

What’s next: I have been accepted at N.C. State to the Poole College of Management. I am beyond excited for this next chapter of my life to begin. There is no doubt in my mind that I will love my experience at N.C. State. I look forward to the friendships I will make and I am excited to see how everything unfolds and where I end up. I hope to leave college with a strong head on my shoulders, confident in where I’m headed. I will take a piece of New Garden with me everywhere I go.

What the teachers say: “Emma is as tenacious as she is creative. She is an intrinsically-motivated leader and scholar, who also has a deep sense of empathy and a unique artistic vision. Her thoughtful and thorough approach to learning and life bring an authentic vibe to class discussions and our weekly meetings for worship. Emma used her high school years to both challenge herself and build community. Whether it was embracing advanced Spanish classes, playing varsity volleyball, attending Quaker leadership workshops, taking college courses, writing poetry, creating art, or bringing a tear to our eyes during public speaking, Emma was all in." — Maura Way, English teacher

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