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During the past few days I have been appalled by the stance of Piedmont Associated Industries on the issue of the United Airlines maintenance facility locating at the Piedmont Triad International Airport.

I would have to agree with N.C. Commissioner of Labor John Brooks that, this position is at the very least a public disservice. I also agree with Chris Scott, president of the North Carolina AFL-CIO that, PAI has definitely reached beyond the realm of its so-called purpose of consulting in ``management-employee' relations.I hereby challenge business, educational, labor and political leaders, and most of all the working people of Greensboro and the Triad, to overcome this embarrassment and make something beautiful out of something so very ugly.

A campaign like United Airlines has never seen should be mounted to persuade them to locate here at our ``home airport.' Letters should be written, phone calls should be made, tax breaks should be given, and most of all, a heartfelt welcome should be extended to all of United Airlines.

We need to show that we are the forward-looking leaders, people and community for which they have been searching. We need to make them feel that we are a neighborhood of caring individuals.

Cabarrus County did this with Philip Morris. Why can't we do it with United Airlines? Barry W. Baker Gibsonville

After reading recent news articles about Piedmont Associated Industries' efforts to block the United Airlines maintenance facility in this area, a number of questions come to mind.

What kind of people could possibly oppose bringing 5,000 to 7,000 high-paying jobs into this area? These jobs would pour millions of dollars into our local economy and would help everyone. What kind of people would be willing to deny their children, family and friends the chance of a fair wage and an honest, decent livelihood?

Who are they trying to ``protect' from earning around $20 an hour? Is their hatred of unions so strong that they would stab this area in its economic heart to have their way?

Someone needs to let these people know that hard-working people, paid a fair wage and having some say in the work conditions, are the backbone of every solid, stable and decent community - not only here but all around the world. These are the people who help build a future for our children, a future that is denied when we have a shortage of good jobs.

We should make it clear that we welcome United's facility and its union to our area. We need them. Gary D. Craver Winston-Salem

In regard to Thomas Farrell's letter to United Airlines, in which he opposed location of a UAL maintenance facility in the Triad (News & Record, March 20): Whose interests is Farrell speaking for? Certainly not the workers in North Carolina, certainly not the thousands of allied businesses which would profit from United Airlines locating here.

Farrell speaks for a very small faction. This faction wants to keep our citizens in a low-paying job and as a result, keep our standard of living low. His views also help to keep our education system in a low state.

I, personally, welcome United Airlines to the Triad. We need more high-quality employers to help boost the economy and standard of living in North Carolina. Edward E. Sears Greensboro

The writer is president, Local 7035 of the American Postal Workers Union.

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