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To the editor:

Ron Miller's column (Feb. 1) concerning the racism blatantly shown by the student newspaper at Page High School is another example of whites refusing to deal honestly with their own racism and racism generally.I was one of the first African-Americans bused in 1971 in an attempt to bring not only an equal education to all Greensboro students, but a better understanding of different cultures. Unfortunately, very little has changed since then in the Greensboro city schools.

Nineteen years ago African-Americans faced the same problems of teachers' personal beliefs coloring their ability to teach, student representation, ranging from cheerleading to student government, being virtually nonexistent and their opinions being meaningless.

Whites such as Miller are attempting to belittle African-Americans' anger over what was written by a Page High School teacher by suggesting that we took it out of context. To even suggest that the statement, ``Our purpose isn't to educate but to 'pass and be rid of them,'' is sympathetic, is an insult to African-American intelligence.

For over 300 years the African-American race endured slavery and its atrocities, only to face inequality and racism. For the African-American race to continue to endure the consequences of racism and inequality and be as cohesive as it is, is a tribute in itself to African-Americans.

For Miller to suggest that the ``movement cannot complain of a lack of political clout, nor can it point to white oppressors with dogs and fire hoses,' makes one wonder what planet he has been living on. One African-American governor does not political clout make and the dogs and fire hoses are there when we come together as a group on the ``wrong' side of town. Take the Virginia Beach incident, for example.

African-Americans are an integral part of American society, so integral that if racism continues, the entire society will crumble from within. Allowing teachers like the one at Page to continue teaching not only African-American students but white students is another brick falling. Isabelle Johnson Banks Greensboro

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