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WWWB (100.3 FM) gives a new meaning to ``live' broadcasting for at least one Greensboro listener today when it brings its morning show to her kitchen.DJs Max and Pam McGann will broadcast the show live from the kitchen of Ann McDougald, winner of the station's ``Fool Proof Recipe' contest. She also wins a catered champagne breakfast by Equinox from 5:30 to 9 a.m. today and $100.

McDougald's Lazy Cake took top honors in a contest that sought recipes with only three ingredients. Her Lazy Cake consists of two sticks of margarine, a one-pound can of crushed pineapple and one box of yellow cake mix.

Smoke screen

The minidrama of disc jockey Brad Krantz vs. tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds that's unfolding on WKRR (92.5 FM) this week is part reality, part publicity stunt.

Listeners on Monday heard Style magazine publisher Debbie Monroe fire Krantz from his column-writing job because his anti-smoking stance cost the publication $10,000 in advertising revenues from RJR. Krantz won a reprieve when Monroe agreed to let the public decide whether to dump or keep Krantz by registering a vote on a 900 telephone number.

RJR did indeed kill a full-color, five-page advertising campaign when someone in RJR's sports marketing department linked Krantz with Style, Monroe said Tuesday. But the ``Save Brad Krantz's Behind' campaign is more or less a joke.

``We're sort of poking fun at R.J. Reynolds,' she said, ``but we will abide by whatever the callers vote.'

Responded RJR spokesman Nat Walker: ``We're very pleased to be getting all this free advertising for the Vantage Championship.'

As of Wednesday afternoon, the vote was 127 to keep Krantz and 35 to dump him. Callers have until Oct. 7 to register their vote. The number is (900) 776-7655, and each call costs 95 cents.

Missing his clues

A burglar alarm installer from Winston-Salem was one of the 14 national champions who gathered over the weekend in the English town of Torquay to determine the World Clue Champion.

Larry Wall, the U.S. champion, lost out to Ivan Lee, a Malaysian student who put together the clues to determine the killer was Professor Plum in the conservatory with a candlestick. Got that?

Puffed up chests

US magazine, which is not exactly the New England Journal of Medicine but does report on the lifestyles of the beautiful people, reports that more men than ever - Hollywood men, that is - are getting he-man pectoral implants to augment their God-given chests.

According to US, the pec job uses three flat implants that resemble the three planes of the pectoralis major muscle; the surgery costs about $6,500.

Safety phone for tots

Playskool Electronics is introducing a big-button telephone that looks like a toy. But the ``Little Operator' allows young children to directly dial emergency numbers.

The telephone can be programmed with the appropriate numbers of emergency services. Colorful picture cards, which come with the phone, are placed over appropriate buttons for 911, the fire and police departments, the doctor, a hospital, mom at work, dad at work, etc.

The telephone will cost about $40 and is expected in stores soon.

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